Brian (digibri) wrote,

Just archiving a post

This is something I posted in a comment to a friend's journal. He shared feelings of frustration over needing to take medication to help sooth his neurons. I've said such things before, but I wanted to save the words I used this time.

As usual, my odd brain changed focus of the specifics being discussed to a much more general or broad perspective.

[edit: Likified to wolfieboy's post - Pedantic Boy strikes again!]

Due to the easily mistaken nature of text communication, I'd like to preface this question with the explanation that it is motivated by a warm compassion and is not meant to come across as "smart assinine".

Do you feel broken or dependant because you require air and food? How about sleep?

My point is simple: I feel that our culture places a disproportionate emphasis on "independance". I believe that we'd be much better off emphasizing interdependance.

We do not continue to live, nor do we even thrive via some sort of exclusive act of our Will. This earth feeds us, and hopefully we return the favor. Our companions feed our minds and souls, and hopefully we reciprocate.

Whether we wish it or no, we are members of an interdependant and supportive community...and it is beautiful.

Happy holidays,

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