The Unbearable Lightness of Being Digital -- Entries on 9th February 2005

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Digital


9th February 2005

10:50am: FW: An awesome processor article
The Quest for
More Processing Power, Part One: "Is the single core CPU doomed?"

This article is a bit long, but all it's claims are footnoted with
It talks about the current state of processor technology (Pentium 4 & Amd
64) and
why there is a marketing move towards dual-core processors. Then it backs
and talks about why "monolithic" or single-core processor technology is not
a current standstill and how it will progress to a 45nm process in the very
future (current processors use .

This is a technical article, but it has excellent explanations of the
various key
issues in processor development, namely power leakage, heat, and latency
by wire length.

It's maybe the best article written about processor technology I've seen in
the past
year or more and it is extremely current. I can't wait for the follow-up
part 2 that
will discuss dual-core CPUs.

10:53am: If you're using Windows - run Windows Update
If you're using Windows - run Windows Update. Well, if you're running
Windows you should already be running the updater on a regular basis, but I
realize that many people do not; hence the reminder to run it tonight.


posts record 13 patches

By John Leyden
Published Wednesday 9th February 2005 12:29 GMT

Microsoft yesterday released 13 security bulletins - nine "critical" - in
its biggest monthly patch yet. Twelve patches fix multiple components in
Windows and Windows-based applications and one updates an October 2004 alert
to protect Exchange 2000 users against possible attack.

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