The Unbearable Lightness of Being Digital -- Entries on 24th February 2005

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Digital


24th February 2005

9:26am: Former Chief Privacy Officer at Gator appointed to Committee at the D. of H. S.
You know, Bush may not be personally responsible for this specific appointment, it's true. However, as the leader of the administration that is systematically handing over our futures to corporate interests, he is absolutely responsible and should be held accountable. The question is not, "Is the Bush administration truly working against the short and longterm interests of the citizens of this country, and in fact the citizens of the world?" Instead the real question is, "When will the citizens of this country and the world finally arise from their stupor, organize, and do something about this destruction by inches?"

Here's the job description (from a press release) for D. Reed Freeman's last position - at Claria Corporation, the lovely corporation that brought you Gator:

Claria Corporation,, today announced that D. Reed Freeman, Jr. will assume the position of Chief Privacy Officer and Vice President of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs for the company. Mr. Freeman, a partner in the Washington, D.C. law firm Collier Shannon Scott, PLLC, will spearhead Claria's continued commitment to industry-leading online advertising privacy practices. He will also represent Claria's interests both in Washington and internationally, coordinating Claria's efforts on policy matters.

This guy is a lawyer and a lobbyist. He's not a technical guru, he's not a CEO with leadership experience, he's a patsy who peddals corporate interests up on Capital Hill. In fact, that's probably how he got the exposure to get this appointment.


Pop-up ads invade Department of Homeland Security

link to salon article

There's a gator guarding your privacy at the Department of Homeland Security.

Among the appointees to the department's 20 member "Data Privacy and Integrity Advisory Committee" is D. Reed Freeman, the "chief privacy officer" of Claria Corporation.

That's the company formerly known as Gator, infamous for its software, a.k.a. GAIN, which stands for Gator Advertising Information Network. It's sadly familiar to many frustrated Web surfers, who have been surprised to discover it mysteriously installed on their desktops serving them extra helpings of ads.

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