The Unbearable Lightness of Being Digital -- Entries on 12th September 2006

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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Digital


12th September 2006

12:20pm: Germany has been a pioneer in seeking to break the addiction to fossil fuels. One experiment is using methane gas to produce power.

News: Our World: Green Town

12:20pm: Green car technologies
Toyota mulls plug-in hybrids, ethanol cars for US

Why Wal-Mart wants to sell ethanol


US Sales of Hybrids Top 25,000 Units in July for a New High
12:43pm: Green power generation - a new recipe for coal
A Stroke of Genius? A New Recipe for Coal

This is pretty cool. It ends up creating carbon-neutral coal.
However, cooking the mixture for 12 hours at 180 degrees celsius is a pretty substantial up front energy requirement.

However, if someone were to utilize large scale solar ovens, then that would really be something.

12:59pm: Green car technologies explained
Shift Into Green

You’re ready to kick carbon to the curb, but you’re not sure which kind of car will work best for you. With oil prices spiking, temperatures rising, and the public crying for relief, automakers are scrambling to offer consumers alternatives to pollution-spewing gas-guzzlers. Here are the specs on the best available technologies – flex-fuel, diesel, and hybrid.

Three carbon-cutting car technologies compared.

1:05pm: MIT's Green Energy "Manhattan Project"
MIT's Energy 'Manhattan Project'

Solar cells made from spinach. Algae-based biofuel fattened on greenhouse gas. Plasma-powered turbo engines. These are just some of the technologies being developed by a Manhattan Project-style research effort for new energy technologies at MIT.

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