Brian (digibri) wrote,

I had quite a productive day yesterday.

After a decent day at work, I hit the company gym and used a recumbent stationary bike for 30 minutes, stretched a little, and did a few inclined sit-ups, some push ups, and some dumbell curls.

Next, I hit not one, not two, but three (3) grocery stores. I like Wild Oats and Whole Foods, but gee - stock some NORMAL stuff too, people! :-)

When I got home, I picked up a bit, ran a couple loads of laundry, cleaned the dishes in the sink (including the crockpot), shoveled the driveway and walk, showered, and booted my laptop so I could add a security update, sync my e-mail, and backup some data to a USB flash drive.

I finally got to bed around 11pm, but for some strange reason, couldn't sleep right away. Gee, I wonder why? :-)


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