Brian (digibri) wrote,

Hey gang,

I posted here a couple weeks ago regarding
(If you're interested in signing up, please do so via my referral link, thanks.)

Here's a website that is dedicated to helping people get their free iPods:

I am sure you've seen people spamming telling you how to get free electronics, free tvs, free ipods, I think you will be surprised to know that they are legit, you actually get free stuff. I created this site for as a guide, I have a step by step guide for all the free sites here as well information about all the offers. I put the fastest and easiest steps to getting your free product. You can read the proof page for more information and after that you can get started by using one of the guides on the left side of your screen, I suggest the TV, Ipod and PC ones first, they are the easiest to do. You can read the FAQ page or contact me if you have further questions.

As an update, I currrently have 5 friends who signed up - two of which have completed a free only 3 more to go!


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