Brian (digibri) wrote,

Love, adoration, acceptance, attention, respect, compassion, joy, gratitude - all are the same

I was driving home from a late night soccer game and my mind wandered in an unfocused manner; much like when one tries to perceive the hidden image in a Magic Eye picture. Instead of unfocusing my eyes, it was my awareness that was relaxed. I didn't really stay with any thought in particular and simply drifted through the stream of my mind. Fragments of buddhist texts recently read floated by in soft swirls.

I realized something. I don't know how complete it is as an understanding, but I want simply record it here for later reference.

There is nothing but love.

In considering this concept, I tried to understand how it would apply to we humans and our seemingly myriad of emotions.
I realized that when with another person, the thing to do is to recognize where they focus their love. In fact, I suspect that there aren't really any other emotions, that other emotions may simply be illusions.

Still driving , I attempted to test this thought by using it to analyze human interaction and emotions in my own life.

For instance, I have had many years of difficult feelings towards my father. It may be truest to say that I wish to more fully feel his love. My father sometimes behaves in a disrespectful manner to those in his family whom he loves. This is because the love he has for himself is disproportionately greater than the love he has for others. Of course, this is not always true, sometimes he's quite generous and kind of spirit.

Some people at work seem cruel in their treatment of others. Perhaps it can be said that their love for money, or advancement, or security in their position is disproportionate to the love they have for others.

Maybe when a person cuts others off on the freeway it's due to their

This reminds me that not long after George W. Bush became president I thought (and said to a few people) that I wished him well. In fact, I continued by expressing that I wished he would become enlightened; for the benefit of himself and all others. I think that this is a good attitude, one I hope to cultivate to a greater presence in my life.

So far I have not been able to find a scenario that can be interpreted by this concept. This pleases me but I will continue to try, as the more I ponder it the greater my understanding.

I suspect that this concept arose from my recent reading:

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