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Tonight I found a large round black cricket in my bathroom. It was happily just sitting, being a cricket.
While looking at it, I imagined it would be happier outside in "nature". So I stooped down and gently cupped it in my hands.

It wiggled a bit, probably feeling some panic.

I walked with care to the front door and softly transferred it to one hand so I could open the door. Stepping outside, I quietly set it down on the porch and it was safely outside.


Later, when I was back in the bathroom I looked at the spot where I had found the cricket and thought more. I realized that if I had stopped and considered the cricket more closely I might have felt a deeper compassion. Having thought more deeply before acting, I would have sat quietly and calmed my mind. Perhaps then the cricket would have felt less panic. When I released it outside, rather than tilting my hand so it gently slid to the ground, I could have simply held my hand open and allowed it to aclimate and step off on it's own.


In writing this much later I realize that there is no limit to the depths of true compassion.
We try to still our minds and become more loving not just for ourselves, but for all other beings. Who we are affects all around us.

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