Brian (digibri) wrote,

I had a lovely weekend (Sun)

Sunday I slept in a bit and then listened to some messages. kalinobeche and gracietheswan wanted me to come to and then
went to Volker Park and model for their "secret project". So I showered and
then put in Hymns
of the 49th Parallel
by K.D. Lang which I got recently. Track number
six is "Hallelujah" written by Leonard Cohen. I've listened to it several
times over the past week, and find it wonderful.

I loaded up the car with a few changes of clothes and headed to the park.
As I was driving, I reveled in yet another day of indian summer lit by the
most wonderfully golden sunlight. I drove with the radio off and enjoyed
the silence. After a bit, I started to hum "Hallelujah" and sing the
chorus. Over and over, I hummed and smiled and drove slowly and worshiped
the multicolored trees that were glowing in the loving sunlight. I was
headed East on Shawnee Mission Parkway, still humming and happy. A young
man pulled out in front of me to turn left. I realized I was looking at the
back of his head and that he wasn't looking at the oncoming traffic. Still
singing Hallelujah I calmly stepped on the breaks (causing a loud screee)
and hit the horn. He turned, and I watched the surprise bloom on his face.
Still humming, I hoped he would step on the accelerator. I careened closer.
He made up his mind and gunned the gas and got into the median between the
divided parts of the parkway. I released the break pedal, used the
accelerator once more, and continued singing Halleluja.

It was a perfect moment.

Actually, all moments are perfect. I was merely completely present during
this one, and that is what makes all the difference.

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