Brian (digibri) wrote,

I had a lovely weekend (Sun cont.)

After arriving at Volker Park I enjoyed the somewhat scattered and manic energies of kalinobeche and gracietheswan. They're quite a twosome. gracietheswan needed to meet someone for lunch, and was trying to organize her camera gear and talk to me (the new model) and lightonthesill (the previous model) and...and...well, she locked her keys in her car. Bummer. We called rougewench and she got dropped off by gamera_spinning so she could use here Amoco Motor Club membership to have the car unlocked.

gracietheswan still had that lunch date, so she took kalinobeche's truck to try and make her lunch date, and I continued to have my picture taken. Then kalinobeche realized she needed to go to a different park to meet up with gamera_spinning and take HIS picture. I leant her my car and waited with rougewench for the roadside serviceman.

Did you all get that? We had a complete rotation of 'musical cars'. Did I mention that kalinobeche and gracietheswan have a lovely scattered and manic energy? GRIN.

Well the slim-jim dude finally arrived and popped open the door. rougewench and I found the errant keys and after strolling through a nearby garden jumped in and drove off.

Well...that's what we INTENDED to do. Actually, we sat there as I attempted to get the car into reverse. Now, I learened to drive on a VW Rabbit with a manual transmmission, so I felt confident in my ability to drive this new VW Bug. However, that stick felt so loose that after a few minutes, I did start to doubt myself a little. Finally, enough was enough and I put it in neutral and pushed the blasted thing back out of the parking spot. Who really needs reverse, right?

So we caught up with kalinobeche, gamera_spinning, and femfatalatron at the near the lake at Loose Park. We all agreed we were hungry and decided to head to Bo Ling's for a late lunch. I mentioned that I had difficulty getting the Dharma Bug into reverse, and kalinobeche explained that SHE could drive it and that it was no biggie. I kept my mouth shut.

So...I drove my car with rougewench, gamera_spinning drove his truck with femfatalatron, and kalinobeche was given both gracietheswan's cell phone and the keys to the Dharma Bug. The restaurant wasn't far and after we had all been there for about 10 minutes without any sign of kalinobeche, I called her on the borrowed cell phone. seemed that she couldn't get the bloody thing in reverse!

So, I hopped back in my car and drove the mile or so to the park to give her a shove. When I arrived, gracietheswan was there and looking none-too-happy about her car. She called her uncle who calmed her down a bit. We then convinced her to drive the broken Dharma Bug to the restaurant, where we'd make further plans. So I gave her a shove and we were off.

Lunch/Dinner was lovely and we were grateful for the good food. I gave gamera_spinning a belated birthday gift and it was good to be with everyone. After lunch, I went home and took a long nap, since though I didn't feel like I had done that much, I was rather beat.

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