Brian (digibri) wrote,

A few quotes

The following are exerpted from the Genjo Koan by Zen master Dogen Kigen:

"To learn the Buddha's truth is to learn ourselves. To learn ourselves is
to forget ourselves. To forget ourselves is to be experienced by the myriad
dharmas. To be experienced by the myriad dharmas is to let our
body-and-mind, and the body-and-mind of the external world, fall away."

"Life is an instantaneous situation, and death is also an instantaneous
situation. It is the same, for example, with winter and spring. We do not
think that winter becomes sprint, and we do not say that spring becomes

"A person getting realization is like the moon being reflected in water: the
moon does not get wet, and the water is not broken. Though the light [of
the moon] is wide and great, it is reflected in a foot or an inch of water.
The whole moon and the whole sky are reflected in a dewdrop on a blade of
grass and are reflected in a single drop of water.

Realization does not break the individual, just as the moon does not pierce
the water. The individual does not hinder the state of realization, just as
a dewdrop does not hinder the sky and moon."

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