Brian (digibri) wrote,

The election

I voted this morning.

On the off chance that there would be any apparent malfesance I programed my
cell phone with the Our Vote number and dropped a 35mm camera in my
jacket pocket. No drama occured requiring such measures, but hey - I was

While driving to the poll, I remembered some voting logic that I've used
since I was 18 and panicked that first time in the booth. You know, the
kind of panic that results from only knowing the three or four major voting
issues and few or none of the myriad other issues. Anyway, my thought then
(and now) was that if I don't know the participants in a particlar race,
vote against the incumbant.

In thinking about this 17 year policy that I've had, I realize that it has
the value of sending a message to those in government: We choose You -
listen to us or you're out.

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