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Paris Review: The DNA of Literature

This looks marvelous, enjoy!


The DNA of

Welcome to the DNA of Literature
Welcome to the DNA of literature-over 50 years of literary wisdom rolled up
in 300+ Writers-at-Work interviews, now available online-free. Founder and
former Editor George Plimpton dreamed of a day when anyone-a struggling
writer in Texas, an English teacher in Amsterdam, even a subscriber in
Central Asia-could easily access this vast literary resource; with the
establishment of this online archive that day has finally come. Now, for the
first time, you can read, search and download any or all of over three
hundred in-depth interviews with poets, novelists, playwrights, essayists,
critics, musicians, and more, whose work set the compass of
twentieth-century writing, and continue to do so into the twenty-first

"There is no other archive quite like The Paris Review interviews. The
National Endowment for the Arts could not be more pleased or more proud than
to make this resource available free to the American public."
-Dana Gioia, Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts

Release dates for The DNA of Literature PDFs:

  • 1950s: Online Now

  • 1960s: January 10, 2005

  • 1970s: February 14, 2005

  • 1980s: April 4, 2005

  • 1990s: May 16, 2005

  • 2000s: July 1, 2005

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