Brian (digibri) wrote,

Dire chocolate cravings

So last night I had a serious craving for chocolate. Since it was getting
late I didn't want any hot cocoa since that might keep me awake. I resisted
as long as I could and in the end tried to distract myself from the craving
with peanut butter. I ate A LOT of peanut butter and crackers. Bloated,
greasey, and still unfulfilled, I went to bed hoping that the urge would
pass overnight just as the angel of death passed over homes appropriately
dobbed with lambs blood.

Today I had a second piece of pumpkin pie (mmmm) this afternoon (a coworker
had brought in an amazing pie bake by his Mennonite wife's own two hands),
but I'm still jonesin' for the Chocolate Experience(tm). It's become quite
severe, and I'm finding the experience rather odd as I'm generally not like

I suspect that I will be making pudding when I get home and plan to revel in
the Unrelenting Dark Goodness of the Bean. Hmm, perhaps I should set up a
small altar somewhere...



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