Brian (digibri) wrote,

Book review - 'His Dark Materials' trilogy

This weekend I finished reading the 'His
Dark Materials' trilogy, by Philip Pullman


The book starts from the point of view of the protagonist (a young girl,
Lyra, who doesn't know much about the world.) Though it seems slow at the
start, that is a deceptive impression. The book builds steadily. As the
first book progresses, both Lyra's and the reader's worldview grows

As the second book unfolds, this worldview grows exponentially. In fact,
the geometric progression of the sheer size and scope of the plot increases
at a dizzying rate. By the time I was involved with the third book I was
giddy and gleeful.

Pullman did a masterful job. The mythos he created will reamine with me for
a long time. I imagine that I will continue to puzzle over some of his
larger metaphors and enjoy them throughout my life.

I heartily recommend these books.


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