Brian (digibri) wrote,

Now THIS is collaberation!

I haven't used it yet (I'm at work) but I did download the quicktime demo
movie, as I couldn't resist.

Wow, what a nifty piece of code!

Currently, it seems to install on client systems and work similarly to an IM
client. It also seems to have some provision for running as a stand alone
server. Versions of the system already exist for Windows, Linux, and
FreeBSD. (I imagine that porting to Mac OS X should be easy, as it's based
on BSD.)

I would love to see this evolve into a secure system that could be installed
on a shared web hosting (or even better, a virtual server) account. I think
it would allow for the current generation of CMS
scripts to evolve into something dramatically better.

Can you imagine a wiki built with this technology?

To suggest that I'm excited by this would be an understatement.




Tom Dobrowolski's multi-platform collaborative text editor.

Program features:

  • Cooperative multi-user text editing over the internet.
    Every co-author can edit the shared document at any time, from any place,
    and at the same time! There's no need to send files via FTP or to compare
    documents when multiple users need to make changes to it independently.

  • Multiple text cursors visible on the screen.
    Every user has their own color. Every cursor movement and text changes are
    simultaneously visible on the screen by all users.

  • Remote text editing without latency.
  • "ME" uses local prediction code - the same technology used in modern
    video games! You can use a dedicated standalone server to share a whole
    directory of text files. Remote users can then edit these files using the
    "me" client - at the same time. This functionality can be useful for
    creating websites directly on the www server - which is more efficient than
    editing files privately and then uploading them via FTP. You could even use
    "ME" to run a real-time text forum :)

  • Users can view the history of changes from a multi-user edit

    This is especially useful if you want to check out what other users have
    changed since you were away.

  • Keyboard typing sound simulation.
    With this, you don't need to move your eyes to know when someone else is
    making changes to the document.

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