Brian (digibri) wrote,

I love this guy!

Jon Johansen ("DVD Jon") has published a small program which allows the acquisition of DRM-free file from Apple's iTunes Music Store. He explains that his program works by bypassing iTunes which adds the DRM itself at the end of the transfer. His program, pymusique, is Windows-only compliant but it'd be easy to port it to other platforms.

Here's a story regarding the software.

The site is hammered, the Coral Cache seems to be working fine though.

Here's a few direct links:
Windows: pymusique-setup.exe
Debian Package: pymusique_0.3-1_i386.deb
Source Code: pymusique-0.3.tar.gz

This is NOT about stealing music. This is about protecting people's fair useage rights.

In addition, the software does not "hack" into anything. Using the software, you will still pay for songs from the iTunes Music Store. However, unlike the iTunes software, this free code simply will not add DRM to the song after you've downloaded it.



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