Brian (digibri) wrote,

More advice to a friend (archived & expanded) for my future self

Your coworker is not devoid of kindness. In fact, I feel that nobody is
devoid of compassion; instead beliving that compassion is fundemental to us

Like many, they have merely blanketed their natural compassion with many
layers of ego, entitlement, and other beliefs. Sometimes we're fortunate to
get a glimpse undeneath the layers created by whatever fear, habit, and a
rampant defense mechanism have created. When we catch a momentatry glimpse
through the armor of another person, we often interpret the experience by
labeling the person as "growing up", "behaving differently", or "finaly
getting it". The reality of the situation is that either our perception has
broken through to a more genuine observation of who they are, or they have
broken out of their cruft a bit to shine through. During these enlightened
moments, I'm sure they feel lucky as well.

"Enlightenment" is a dangerous word. In our dualistic Western culture I
think that it is often confused with the Emerald City. However, it is not a
destination at the end of some golden path. Enlightenment is an experience,
like any other. Like other experiences, enlightenment can be fleeting; it
can be lost. In fact, if it can be lost, then it should be lost, since to
hold onto some past experience, even an enlightened moment, is still to live
in the past and not in the present.

Thank you,

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