Brian (digibri) wrote,

More advice to a friend I wish to save

If what the book says resonates with you, that is good. If you feel it is
accurate, you now have a new insight. However, you must not stop at the
point of epiphany. You must use the new understanding as inspiration and
motivation to develop new strategies for relating to yourself and the world.
In addition, this single new awareness will probably not be sufficient. You
are in the position of Sherlock Holmes, always on the case and seeking out a
full complement of clues to piece together the complete picture. Your
intellect or logic are merely tools at your disposal, but they cannot lead
the way. Only your intuitive or emotional self is qualified to judge whether
a chapter in your book, or a lyric in a song, or something I might say is
relevant to your own life.

Don't get me wrong. I am proud of you. Cutting through your gauze of
denial is important. You must continue to pursue these things; to do so let
your intuition be your guide. The clearer your understanding, the greater
chance you have at success in enacting the changes in your life that you so
desperately desire.

Though it's fallen out of fashion these days, people used to build ships in
bottles. I imagine what attracted people to that hobby was that it took the
meticulous nature of model building and made it greatly more challenging.
However, I don't think that anyone ever built a ship in a bottle after
painting the bottle black. To do so would make the task impossible, as a
certain minimum awareness of the model inside the bottle is required. This
is the same as working on our hearts and minds. These ineffible parts of us
are in a place we cannot physically reach. Large changes are not possible
all at one go, but instead must be effected by a series of tiny patient
alterations. We can only peer through wavey glass and tinker gently with
the long slender tools of intuition, compassion, intellect, and awareness.

To build a ship in a bottle, the hobbiest always started with the hull of
the ship. Noone ever painted the sail first. Similarly, to enact visible
changes in our lives we must first begin with the base or foundation - the
stuff that doesn't show becaues it rests below the waves keeping us afloat.
Once these steps have been taken, then we can move on to covering the
foundation with decking and build the rest of our ship.

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