Brian (digibri) wrote,

The Green Fairy

The Mystery of the Green Menace

Ted Breaux, a chemist and envionmental biologist has studied historical liquers for a number of years with such tools as HP gas chromatography-mass spectrometer machines. His "day job" has been to test water samples fro pollution and pesticides. In his downtime, he studies absinthe.

By purchasing pre-ban bottles of absinthe (at great personal expnse) and using fine syringes to remove tiny amounts for analysis, he has uncracked the ages old code of the controversial liquer.

He now makes re-creations of pre-ban bottles of absinthe, as well as his own formulations, one of which is name Nouvelle-Orléans which is distilled in France.

Though the ban in Europe was lifted some years ago, Absinthe is still illegal for sale (not personal consumption) in the US under FDA regulations. Breaux supervises its production in the small Loire Valley town of Saumur, at a beautiful old distillery with ironwork by Gustave Eiffel and 125-year-old absinthe-making equipment. He struck a deal with the Combier family, which owns the factory. "I said, let me distill here, and I'll help you create new liqueurs," Breaux says.

Absinthe (from Wikipedia.)

Also, it looks like Verte de Fougerolles (though not crafted by Ted Breaux) is an excellent place to begin for those new to Absinthe.

Lastly, want fancy absinthe spoons and other acoutremonts?

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