Brian (digibri) wrote,
digibri is a political action committe that is:

Founded and supported by Veterans, PAC views defense policy as an American priority. The goal of the PAC is to put Iraq and Afghanistan War Veterans in Congress who are critical of the execution of the war in Iraq and representative of the principles of PAC in the US Congress by:

  • Providing their campaigns with early candidate training, financing, messaging, web and field training from the top professionals in the field
  • Fostering policy and message unity regarding U.S. foreign and military policy
  • Making direct contributions and independent expenditures to benefit their campaigns
  • Ensuring current members of Congress are held accountable for their votes on Iraq and Veterans’ issues by taking them to task for votes and positions that harm America, and its troops and Veterans.
  • Providing the credibility and support of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans community. An attack on an individual is an attack on us all. We are united in supporting our fellow veterans.

If you go to their web site, they have a clumsy link to to view their exellent ad.
However, it can be seen more easily here on Youtube.

If you contribute directly via their website, you'll have a the chance to vote for the next senator who'll receive their own version of this ad aired against them.

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