Brian (digibri) wrote,

Fun distractions

Here are a few fun web sites:

The Best Thing project

The Fairest Thing project

The Funniest Thing project,, and are a trio of side projects to the webcomic xkcd. They host contests where people vote to select the best choice from a large pool of user-submitted options. Instead of the usual voting methods where people rank things or vote things up or down, we let people choose which of two things is better. Then every few minutes the server does some analysis (for how this works, click here) and comes up with a list of the best things. It's a good system, and is free of a lot of problems other web-voting systems have, like a bias toward older items.

Note: All these images are user-submitted, and most have been floating around newsgroups and such for years. If one of these is from your site and you want it down just email If you're offended by something you've seen here, I'm sorry. The algorithm moderates things pretty well, but browsing random images submitted by users on the internet carries the inherent risk of seeing something you'd rather not. If you don't like an image, just vote for the other one. It'll probably get weeded out fairly quickly.
Tags: distractions, fun, pictures, web sites
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