Brian (digibri) wrote,

Post Apocolyptic MMORPG in the making

Fallen Earth

It is the 22nd Century...
The world as we know it has fallen to ruin in the wake of the Shiva plague and a nuclear holocaust.

Civilization’s last flickering flames gutter in a small portion of the American Southwest, around the Grand Canyon.

While humanity fights to survive and rebuild on the ashes of the old world, new factions struggle for dominance: the stern Enforcers, the spiritual Lightbearers, the nature-loving Vistas, the gadget-happy Techs, the merchant-minded Travelers, and the savage Children of the Apocalypse. The conflicts and alliances between these factions create a dangerous ebb and flow that could make even bleaker the future of the Grand Canyon Province ... and of humanity as a whole.

What side will you choose? Where will you stand in the fight for the Fallen Earth?

This game looks really interesting. It seems to borrow inspiration from a wide variety of sources, including the 'Mad Max' movies and the 'Fallout' video games series. They've been in active development for (I think) 3 years now. I believe they will have a beta test sometime this year. One of the things I find most intriguing is that it's set on planet Earth (initially in the California/Nevada/Arizona area (perhaps among others), so there will be interesting locations such as Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyon, etc.

They just revamped their website this week and there are some video interviews I haven't watched yet - so quite possibly there are new developments.

Check it out, it looks great.

Tags: games, mmorpg, rpg
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