Brian (digibri) wrote,

The Replublicans invented the internet

You want to understand what the whole "network neutrality" issue is about? Intereseted in it's history? Fascinated by the subtle concept of "commons"? Check this video out, it's pretty awesome. Lawrence Lessig is amazing.


Video: Professor Lawrence "RW" Lessig's "The Withering of the Net" (2006)
(Web page where the video is linked to)

From the site:

On June 16, 2006, Professor Lawrence Lessig gave a talk at the Center for American Progress entitled "The Withering of the Net: How DC Pathologies are Undermining the Growth and Wealth of the Net." This talk was the second in a series of three. The first talk was Professor Yochai Benkler, the third featured Dave Farber and Vint Cerf.

In just under 40 minutes, Lessig delivered a stunning performance, documenting his assertion that the Internet was created by Republicans and discussing the Read Only (RO) and Read Write (RW) Internet(s). In those less than 40 minutes, Lessig hit the mark precisely on 457 slides. In the spirit of the RW Internet, we taped his performance and then mashed that up with his presentation materials.

The transcript for this talk is here. If you would like to try your own remix, there is also a 39 Mbyte tarball with 590 TIFF images from each state transition in the presentation.

The QuickTime file available here is 800x600 H.264 video. At only 236 Mbytes for 39:04 of video, looks great and less filling too!

Producer: Carl Malamud
Audio/Visual: sound, color (of money)
Language: English
Contact Information: I can be reached as

Creative Commons license: Public Domain
Tags: commons, internet, lawrence lessig, network neutrality
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