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For Youths, a Grim Tour on Magazine Crews

Subscription for disaster

Traveling Sales Crews Information Web Site

Discussion thread about these magazine sales crews with several first hand accounts

I live in a neighborhood of small post WW II houses, that has many renters. It's a good neighborhood, but perhaps the residents have a reputation for being easy marks. In the eight or so years I've lived here I've been visited by kids selling magazine subscriptions at least once a year. I noticed that the kids generally were generally disheveled and seemed to have trouble communicating. I've been told by these kids that they were part of a nationwide competition to increase their public speaking skills. I've been told, "Do you know why the I'm grinning? because I'm winning. Do you know why I'm smiling? because I'm styling."

I always felt that something was not right, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. Early on, I bought a subscription or two and actually got the magazines. However, later I decided that I didn't want any more magazine subscriptions in my life and so told the kids no. The most recent time I got hit with the "getting points for a vacation" and so though I refused to buy a subscription, I did give the kid $20.

After reading these articles, I feel sad for these youths. I worry that my buying subscriptions six or seven years ago may have contributed to their bad situation. At least when I gave the last one $20, he had the option of pocketing it and not giving it to his boss.

In the future, I will definitely not buy subscriptions. I'll probably ask them about their crew and if they want to leave it. If they do, I'll offer to let them call their a family member or something.

I find it terribly sad how people will take advantage of others and in such a domineering and brutal fashion.

Tags: door-to-door, magazine subscriptions, sales, solicitation
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