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Music training programs - iTheory & GNU Solfege


iTheory is a beginning music theory ear-training program for the iPod which allows on-the-go users to practice interval recognition, scale recognition, chord recognition, and perfect pitch. This program is a complex network of over 600 interactive text notes with links to over 200 audio clips. All iPods with the Notes feature – 3rd, 4th, and 5th generation iPods, as well as the iPod mini and iPod nano – are able to use iTheory.

iTheory features interactive quizzes for students to test their music theory ear-training skills in four main areas. The interval section contains three subsections with 40 questions each – ascending intervals, descending intervals, and intervals played together – where students can quiz themselves on the 13 simple intervals (unison, m2, M2, m3, M3, P4, A4/d5, P5, m6, M6, m7, M7, octave). The chord section contains 40 questions where students can test themselves on the qualities (major, minor, augmented, diminished, dominant) and inversions (root, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) of chords. Within the scale section (25 questions), students can quiz themselves on the recognition of scale qualities (major, natural minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor). Finally, within the perfect pitch section (25 questions), students can test their recognition of a randomly selected pitch in an attempt to develop perfect, or absolute, pitch – the ability to hear and identify a note without a reference note.

GNU Solfege - Smarten your ears
(works on Windows or GNU/Linux)

Solfege is free music education software. Use it to train your rhythm, interval, scale and chord skills. Solfege - Smarten your ears!

* Recognise melodic and harmonic intervals
* Compare interval sizes
* Sing the intervals the computer asks for
* Identify chords
* Sing chords
* Scales
* Dictation
* Remembering rhythmic patterns
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