Brian (digibri) wrote,

Vintage documentary - Spicoli had nothing on these guys

Here's a great old documentary. Wow, it's so fun to watch it, as it gives a terrific feel for the Venice Beach area in the 70s. Long hair, tube socks, roller skates, video games, muscle beach, it's all there. Early on, a mom is buying a new skateboard for a pretty young kid - it was $54. I found an online calculator and assuming that it was 1974, that's the equivalent of nearly $240!

Whether or not you are interested in skate boarding, it's a great piece of cultural history.


Skateboard Kingsis a news documentary that was made by a British program called "The World About Us". This episode is about the Skateboard Kings of Southern California, and in particular riders such as the World Champion Tony Alva are featured in their daily lives and exploits in and around DOGTOWN. Ray Flores, Billy Yeron, Paul Constantineau, Jerry Valdez, Shogo Kubo, Kent Senatore, Ellen O'neil, Bob Mohr, Elen Berryman, Kim Cespedes and others. Russ Howell and Stacy Peralta are featured in a bizzare freestyle and safety demonstration. La Costa segment with Henry Hester, Bob Skolberg and John Hutson. There's visits to SkateBoarder Magazine, a few empty pools, a new skatepark, typical DogTown house party, demo's, a visit to the infamous Arizona Pipes, and a skate board manufacturer.
Tags: bbc, callifornia, documentary, skate board, venice beach
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