Brian (digibri) wrote,

He's no kook...

...and don't believe anyone who tells you so.

In case you missed it some highlights of former Senator Mike Gravel speaking in the Democratic debate are on YouTube. Additionally, on YouTube, is a follow-up segment where he's interviewed by Chris Mathews.

I repeat: Senator Gravel is not someone who should be marginalized. His message is sound and he is right. Does his manner seem upset, disgusted, and impassioned? Absolutely. However, I personally feel that given the current state of American politics and foreign policy, his feelings and demeanor are correct.

This Senator Gravel is the guy that read the entirety of the Pentagon Papers (4,100+ pages) into the US Congressional Record, right when the Nixon White House was suing for pre-emptive censorship on the NYT and WP.

This is the same man who embarked on a one-man filibuster against legislation renewing the military draft. Using various parliamentary maneuvers, Gravel was able to block the bill for five months before President Richard Nixon and Senate Republicans agreed to allow the draft to expire in 1973.

Again, this man is important. He has performed remarkable service to our country. He is intelligent. Do not shy away because he is impassioned.

Tags: democrat, hero, politics, senator mike gravel
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