Brian (digibri) wrote,

Spider Robinson gets it right

Spider Robinson is a talented science fiction writer who (as you might imagine) has his own web site. I've admired his writing for a long time, as it is so humanistic, or character driven. Well that primarily, and secondarily his inclusion of puns in his work.

Anyway, he has posted a short story he wrote 25 years ago. It's about copyright. If you are interested in the great copyright debate of our time (and if you read my journal, you know I am) then I encourage you to read this story.


From his web site:

Copyright is a hot-button topic these days. Does information want to be free…or just reasonably priced? I discussed copyright at some length 25 years ago—a year before the first TCP/IP wide area network in the world went operational—two years before the first Macintosh went on sale!—in the following story. It won the 1983 Hugo Award for Best Short Story, and I hope you’ll still find it illuminating today.

Melancholy Elephants
Spider Robinson
(This story is dedicated to Virginia Heinlein.)

Tags: copyright, sci-fi, spider robinson
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