Brian (digibri) wrote,

Talk about free learning!

Wow, it's the mother load of free online educational resources!


Welcome to Librarian Chick!

About Librarian Chick!
This a list of free resources for students and educators... and anyone else who's hip to learning. Though many of these resources could be listed under multiple categories, I've only added them here once. Just CTRL+Click links to open in new tabs and you'll never open the same page twice! (Note: Simply clicking on a link will open the site under the Librarian Chick domain.)

All of the sites listed here are free or offer free memberships/subscriptions. The information, books, lectures etc are usually free for you to download and use, but in some cases, copyright restrictions may apply so please make sure find out before redistributing. Some sites offer a list of material for sale AND a list of free resources. In such cases, I have tried to make sure to link to the directory of free goods. Let me emphasise that you should read all of the information provided by the developer on their website.
Tags: free, learning, online, reference
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