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Kick the sugar habit!

Here's a post that I've intended to make for several months now. I held off as I wanted to corroborate the information for myself, both experientially and via other avenues of research.

The obesity epidemic

A researcher in the United States claims that the reason for the obesity epidemic is more than just the calories we eat and the lack of exercise. It's a substance that food manufacturers are widely using.

The link contains the original MP3 of the interview, and a transcript which was added later. If for some reason either MP3 or transcript are unavailable, I have archived them on my hard drive and will happily share them if asked.

I cannot recommend this link enough to everyone. Whether or not you feel you could stand to lose some weight, the understanding that can be gained from this interview is excellent, accurate, and ground breaking.

You know how you always want to get in on the "new thing" before everyone else? This is it - this is some good stuff.


The person being interviewed is Dr. Robert H. Lustig, MD, Pediatric endocrinologist. He has been studying this issues related to diabetes and obesity for 10+ years. He really knows what he's talking about.

I had already started to believe that spiked blood sugar -> spiked insulin = fatty weight gain. However, I did not have a detailed understanding of how and why. Of particular confusion to me was the fact that I knew that I already consumed less sugar than the average American because I quit drinking soda pop in 1993, and quit eating candy bars, granola bars, and other processed treats in late 2006.

What I learned in the above interview is that a certain type of sugar is worse than others. I also learned that constant or regular consumption of moderate amounts of sugar on a daily basis is far more damaging than occasional or rare "sugar binges" (I define a sugar binge as a slice of pie/cheese cake/whatever for desert.) Yes, I became quite rigorous in my implementation of what I learned.

Anyway, this post is long enough. Suffice it to say that I am recommending you (yes YOU) to listen to the interview and read the transcript. In fact, I recommend you study them several times.

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