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Local real estate appreciation/depreciation data

I had a great time this evening at femfataleatron's birthday party. It's not often in life one has the opportunity to witness a large virile man attack a small pinata with a horse-chopper; blindfolded, even. The only way it could have been improved is if we could have managed to incorporate black powder somehow...

While socializing, I talked real estate with friends, as a few are thinking about buying houses this year.

So, as a follow up, I'm posting the following:

The KC Star had an excellent article online with a link to a web page that showed appreciation/depreciation by zip code in the KC Metro area. It's good information to have. It's interesting to see that some local zip codes have dropped as much as 20%.

ARTICLE - KC area's housing market was 'ugly' in 2007

Interactive Flash map of KC metro zip codes


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