Brian (digibri) wrote,

Personal refined sugar experiment

Since the first week of January, I've stopped eating refined sugar...mostly.

The only regular exception is on Friday mornings, I allow myself to eat a couple donuts as I've brought in donuts for myself and coworkers for going on 10 years now.

Other exceptions are rare. If I'm at a friend or family member's house and they've made a desert from scratch, I'll happily eat a small piece. If there's a store-bought desert, I'll politely decline.

So, no sugar...mostly.
I've also reduced starches. For instance, instead of dipping pita in my hummus, I now use celery (good and crunchy!)

I have not changed my physical exercise habits (lack thereof, really); still just 1 hour of indoor soccer per week.

When I eat oatmeal, the only sugar is in any fruit I add, or perhaps a small splash of milk.
No juice (I've cheated and had a couple small portions of carrot juice.)
No sweetener in my coffee or tea (but I gave that up years ago.)
I do allow myself to eat as much raw fruit or vegetables as I wish.
I have been eating a salad every day for lunch.

In about 5-6 weeks, I've lost 5 lbs.

I started at 175 - so I've dropped nearly 3% of my body weight.

What are my conclusion? This data isn't rigorous enough to conclude anything, really.
Mostly, I'm just recording this for future reflection. I will say this: I feel much better and more alert in the afternoon when I've eaten a salad for lunch instead of something like fried chicken, or a burger, or such.

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