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L. A. Noire - The Technology Behind Performance

Here's a short technology preview of an upcoming video game, L.A. Noir, which is currently in production by Rockstar  Games.

I find this video exciting because it takes the concept of "interactive fiction" to a whole new level. Furthermore, it seems to be somewhat redefining (or at least refining) the computer's ability to communicate to us; in this case, subtle non-verbal cues typically associated with human face-to-face interaction.

The sophisticated clean-room atmosphere used for the facial tracking system may seem complex and a bit daunting now, but give the system development a few iterations over a few years and it will be streamlined and, well...magic.

For a much more in depth dialog regarding this technology, I wholeheartedly recommend reading:
The Diamond Age: or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer

In particular, pay attention to the character, Miranda, and the description of her career (as a real-time actor, "ractor", in interactive video games) and her relationship to her clients.  Note, this is a less prominent theme within the book, which focuses on nanotech, or rather the political ramifications of a commonplace decentralized manufacturing resulting from nanotech-as-a-utility.

I've found this a thoroughly engaging and entertaining read for many reasons, but I've always remembered Miranda and her career.  This idea Neal Stephenson laid out has stuck with me for, well, 15 years now.


L. A. Noire - The Technology Behind Performance

Tags: sci-fi, technology, telepresence, video games, virtual world
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