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The Unbearable Lightness of Being Digital

(or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Electron)

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10 September
MISC details about Who I Really Am (tm):

  • I tend to "swim upstream" and maybe shaping up to be a natural, I certainly hope so.

  • I don't judge other people, even though I can come across as a rather opinionated dork.

  • I forgive others easily, more so than myself.

  • I'm fascinated by the differences in people. I tend to view everyone as beautiful in their own way, and I seek out that way when I can.

  • I should let myself be happy, I'd probably be good at it.

  • I am exploring alternative philosophies and spirituality. Well, I've done this as long as I can remember on my own, but now I'm doing it with others.

  • I'm lazy. I lack drive. No, I lack consistancy, er...determination, uh...I dunno - something...that thing that gets you from here to there.

  • However, perhaps 'getting from here to there' isn't the whole point, eh?

  • I am truly grateful when others make me feel accepted.

  • I find joy in "les accidents heureux" (serendipity), though on some level I don't believe in them...

  • I do love animals, really...it's just my nose that doesn't like fur. However, teasing a cat's audacity to assume I'll serve it is a personal joy.

  • I probably rely on/worry about too much what others think of me.
  • As I age, I am becoming increasingly intolerant of intolerance, ego, pettiness, and exploitation.

  • Though sunny and fun on the outside, when left to my own devices, "les petits démons" attack and I become insomniac, depressive, and self defeating, self destructive, etc.
    (Yeah yeah, I'm workin' on it.)

  • I'm beginning to believe that deep down, I'm a Very Good Person.

  • I dream.

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